Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Week 78

Hello world!

We had exchanges with the Burlington sisters this week because one of
the sisters was sick and Sister Wadsworth wanted us to take the other
sister out to work. So I brought Sister Miles out to Worland while
Sister Jacoby stayed in Worland with her companion. Well, we were told
not to stay overnight with them so we met in Manderson around 8 to
exchange back but a huge snowstorm hit right as we got into town and
it wasn't safe to drive back to our areas, so we called our district
leader in Greybull/ Basin and headed to the closest town where members
lived (Basin- 10 miles away). He arranged for the four of us to stay
at their Relief Society president's house overnight. It was the
longest 10 miles of my life. I was driving the truck and we couldn't
see anything. It was a complete whiteout and nighttime. So we could
hardly see a foot ahead of us but we made it in one piece.
We had zone conference this week and there was a huge emphasis on
teaching the youth. It was funny because we went to mutual just the
previous night because we wanted to get to know the youth better. I
love the idea and can see the great potential in the youth!
We had interviews with President this week and while we were sitting
and waiting with Sister Wadsworth, a guy needing help with fuel money
came in to ask for help. We got him hooked up with the bishop and we
talked to him for a while. He has been reading the Book of Mormon and
he's from Livingston and said he'd love to meet with the sisters over
there!  So that was a miracle.
I started My Plan this week and it's an online training thing to
prepare you for going home. It's kindof weird but I think it will help
in the long run.
We went on exchanges with the Cody sisters and I went to Cody with
Sister Kent. After all these exchanges and being stuck in random towns
because of blizzards, I'm having issues waking up and not knowing
where I am. Haha. Exchanges were great and we got to see multiple
people over there!
We had a stake Valentines day dinner and square dance this weekend. We
didn't dance but it was SO funny watching everyone else dance! :)
Craziness: There are some ice jams in the Bighorn River and the area
around the river has been flooding because the water is flowing
outwards because the ice won't let it flow forwards. So the whole town
has been helping fill sands bags for a few days to put around the
houses by the river to protect them. People have been evacuated from
their homes too., they had just a shortened sacrament
meeting and we all came in our work clothes and then headed
to the fairgrounds after to fill sand bags. We shoveled and filled
bags for 8 hours straight. The church provided 200-300 people to help,
and people from Worland and the outlying towns, and the National Guard
were there. It was awesome but I'm so sore and my boots are still full
of dirt. Haha.
It's been nuts here but it's a good time. Have a great week!

Sister Lauren Ney
Montana Billings Mission

5-me and Sister Jacoby

8- frozen waterfall off the church

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