Monday, October 12, 2015

week 8

Hello, people of home! 
Transfer news: I'm STAYING here in Livingston, Big Timber, and 
Gardiner! (so send whatever you want now in the mail😊 ) We actually 
get to see the fruit of our labors! That is, if we keep getting people 
to progress. It's been really hard having people keep commitments and 
even appointments! In a single day, most or all of the appointments 
have fallen through. This is a common occurrence and it's really 
frustrating. We have a message that will change your life!!!! 
We went to Gardiner this week and went finding. We had to go into 
Yellowstone to find this one lady but she wasn't home... We didn't 
have much luck finding there but I love that town. It's so neat. There 
are just deer and elk hanging out in the middle of town and in 
people's yards. You can get super close to them and they won't flinch. 
We also stayed in Big Timber overnight one night this week. We are 
working closely with out branch mission leader there and he's so 
willing to help out. 
This is random but here's an answer to my prayers: I have been wanting 
a member to serve us breakfast for dinner so bad. Low and behold, a 
family fed us breakfast for dinner this week! 👍 YES! Hahaha...It's 
the little things. Another guy who we didn't even know gave us $20 for 
dinner and that fed us like kings. God always provides :) 
The wind here in Livingston has gotten SO bad and people say it's even 
worse in the winter. At church, it seriously sounded like there was a 
tornado outside. It is SO loud. It shakes the car constantly too and I 
always look like Cousin It with my hair. Hahah. I keep telling sister 
meek that I'm just gonna shave it off. 
Spiritual thought: In sacrament, a brother in our ward said, "If you 
turn your life over to the Lord, He can make more out of you than you 
can make out of yourself." How TRUE! As a missionary, we did, quite 
literally, turn our lives over to the Lord but there are still things 
from the natural-man side of me that I keep hold of. I'm trying to let 
that go as well so that the Lord can change me as much as He possibly 
can. My thoughts, my words, my actions, my knowledge, and my cares. 
Everything. Don't get me wrong. It is a process in every sense of the 
word but I know that as we do so, the Lord will help us reach our 
divine potential and lift us up to places we never could have imagined 
Sister Ney 

Random elk in town

 North entrance to Yellowstone

 my district

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  1. Your so cute Stephanie so proud of you! Simple things like breakfast for dinner! I have made a few of those for missionaries and it's ALWAYS a huge hit. You are lite up like a Christmas Tree with the Spirit! Don't let all the cancellations get you down, just keep drudging threw the trenches. It's sad, but not all people will accept the Gospel. I am sure you two ladies will find some great gems that you will be able to watch progress.