Monday, October 26, 2015

week 10

Hello all!

This week we had MLT (Mission Leadership Training), in which several zones get together for a good chunk of a day and learn from President, Sister Wadsworth, the Assistants, and our zone leaders. We met at the Helena Stake Center and it was awesome to see my old MTC friends and missionaries that I came out with again! A joyous reunion. :) It makes me excited for real mission reunions!

One of the things that President Wadsworth spoke on was keeping the Sabbath Day holy. I didn't realize how much people break the Sabbath until I became a missionary. Satan tempts us to not keep the Sabbath holy by getting us to watch football, go hunting (which is SUPER popular here), go to the store, travel, go to the lake (like how we always mention back in AZ. Haha), etc and it's the fact that us humans often justify these things that gets us. We need to keep ALL of the commandments to the best of our ability. Keeping the Sabbath day holy doesn't mean just keeping 3 hours of it holy by going to church, but the entire day. Dedicate it to the Lord because it is His day. He even has given us help as to what to do on the Sabbath. Spend wholesome time with family, do service, watch church and Christ related movies, index, do family history, magnify your callings, read your scriptures/ other materials in the gospel library (there's tons), write it your journal (because you all know you're slacking. Haha), and anything that focuses you on Christ. He had prepared a way for us to keep the Sabbath day holy. So we have no reason not to. 

The next day, our whole zone met at our stake presidents house in Bozeman for lunch and he even brought an investigator from Livingston. So sister meek and I got to know her and taught her some stuff while we were there but she didn't end up being interested though. President also shared a message with us too. He said we are taught to ask Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How all throughout our lives. Within the gospel, we are given many of those answers but what we really need to ask ourselves is, "Who do I was to become? And what for?" Soak that in. 

This week, we had several investigators come to church, which was nice! We had a lot of drop-in lessons too. We learned that when we meet people, we should teach them right then and there because lots of them won't accept return appointments. That's something we learned from our zone leaders and it works a lot better!

Hunting season and the fact that it gets darker earlier has really put a damper on the work. Hunting season is huge for everyone up here. They stock up on meat for the winter. Bow season ended and rifle season started, so people are gone every weekend and some people are gone for weeks at a time! So they sometimes say "contact me in December and we'll see. I still may be hunting even past that."....but that would be next transfer! It's crazy and slows down people's progression a lot because we can't meet with them. But we still try our best to catch them! 

Sister Ney :)

me and some of the sisters at MLT I came out with! (And a random elder)

( not for weak stomachs.)This is the evidence that hunting season has begun... Carcass hanging! 

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  1. I am so happy you got to see some of your friends! You are dealing with some real life issues of the season there hunting, but I am sure the Lord will help you reach the one's that are ready He always does! By the way, you look amazing girl! Love you!