Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Week 41

Hello, everyone!!

So this week was full of going back and forth since we inherited 2
more units from the elders.
We stayed the night in Lima last night at our branch mission leaders
house and taught a recent convert that the elders were working with.
Lima is 15 miles from the border of Idaho. Weird. We also were able to
meet a less active and talked around his campfire. He also gave us
sticks to roast marshmallows with! Hahah. #montana
We tracted out the town of Jackson out in the Big Hole and it didn't
take too long. We were able to meet some interesting people and one
lady let us in and we talked to her about the Restoration for a while.
She lives right across the street from the branch building and I think
she might continue investigating! We also saw some garden snakes as we
were walking to a door -which freaked us out at first. Haha.
We also had lunch in the only restaurant in town and they had 2 hound
dogs just chilling in there. #montana
Another funny story: so we accidentally slipped up again and asked a
member in the 2nd ward if we could do anything for him and he had us
make ANOTHER pie for him. This was the 4th. We are pros now at making
strawberry rhubarb pie. He just says our future husbands will thank
him later. Hahah. He let us use his rhubarb in his yard and we cut it
with a machete. He has a bunch because he served his mission in the
Phillipines. He likes to find every excuse he can to pull them out.
We were able to teach a 9 year old this week and we put him on date
for baptism. His dad is on his way to receiving the melchezidek
priesthood and his older sister was baptized not too long ago. The
only issue is scheduling days to meet with him because of custody
issues. But I have high hopes for him!
And our cadet that we are teaching bore his testimony!!! It
was awesome. I often get teary eyed when investigators bear their
testimonies. You get to see the impact the gospel has made on them
when they profess it.
Speaking of, we went to both wards and BOY was it hard to sit
through a billion meetings while you're fasting. It took everything I
had not to fall asleep because when I don't eat, my brain turns off.
Here are the animals we saw this week:
-we saw a herd of buffalo in between Sheridan and Dillon
-we saw a moose in Glen (in between Butte and Dillon)
- we saw another bald eagle in between Sheridan and Whitehall
- we saw lots of antelope and deer (which is normal) everywhere
-dogs (hahah). They're more numerous than the cattle, I swear.
Well, folks. I know this gospel is true and at the end of every day- I
have a huge list I give Heavenly Father of things I am grateful for.
The mission definitely takes a lot out of you but also puts a lot in
you. It takes away the pride and the fear and helps you develop love,
humility, and so many other things. I wouldn't trade this experience
for the world.

Sister Lauren Ney
Montana Billings Mission

The zone- (Fun fact: I am officially the one who has been in the zone
the longest)

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