Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 40


This morning we received word that we are covering both areas now- so
both wards- because the elders are being transferred out. President
advised us that we shouldn't worry about the outlying areas (Big Hole
and Lima) as much as the two wards here in Dillon. I am a bit
overwhelmed because we all of a sudden have a lot more to cover and
correlate and people to meet, but I am praying hard that we can
balance it all out.
So this week I hit my 9 month mark. I'm surprised I survived this
long! Haha. Just kidding. It's awesome here. I'm so lucky.
So last preparation day, we went to Lewis and Clark caverns in
Whitehall with some companionships in our district before transfers.
It was so cool. They were massive and had big rock structures. There
was even a smooth rock slide inside. Some elders that came are tall
and had a hard time bending and crawling. Haha.
We also got to go to the Billings temple with our ward mission leader
and his wife. It was great to go and feel refreshed and ready to
serve. Sometimes you just need to go to get spiritual fed and
replenished. The inspiration and revelation I receive in the temple
keeps me going. And it was cool because I saw some members from my
last area there and the temple president came and talked to us. We
felt famous at the temple because lots of strangers came up and talked
to us. :) Only when you're a missionary. On the way back though, we
got caught in the worst hail storm (in Billings) I've ever been in. I
thought the hail was going to break our windshield. It was seriously
gum ball sized hail. No joke, I thought there was going to be a
tornado and that we were going to die that day because the sky looked
horrifying. (I have had an awful fear of tornados ever since I was a
kid.) The clouds were black and so low. There was lighting and massive
hail that came out of no where. All the traffic on the freeway stopped
and cars were pulling over and trying to fit underneath the bridge.
But we were fine. I said a prayer and the hail stopped not too long
after. Now that I think about it, this whole story is kindof like
life. We can be on a spiritual high and be doing good at one moment,
but Satan can strike the next moment. But the real test is what we do
during those dark times. Do we lose hope or do remember the Lord and
turn to him? He answered my prayer and gave me comfort and I know he
can for you too!
We officially put a 92 year old man on date for baptism. He is awesome
and now it's just a matter of how.
We had branch conference in Jackson on Sunday and they are so sweet. I
love our branch. They're so welcoming and they're real people. So down
to earth.
We biked a lot this week because we are trying to save our miles and
we even biked some in the rain. But my testimony of biking has grown
so much. We have had more new and progressing investigators and other
lessons this week than in almost any other week I have been here in
Dillon. That's because our "line is in the water" more and we can
interact with the people easier. It's just easier to stop while on a
bike than parking your car, getting out, and walking over. Yes, we
look awful probably with sweat, helmet/ wind blown hair, and clipped
skirts but I'm hoping the spirit masks that. :P
This week has been great. I know that the progress of the work is
definitely related to the amount of effort and energy you put into it.
God lives.

Sister Lauren Ney
Montana Billings Mission

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