Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Week 58

Hey everyone! 
This week was busy and packed with traveling. 
We went to Chester Monday night through Wednesday night and we were dropped off and picked up to save miles, so we were on foot-so we couldn't go very far. We tried everyone within the town of Chester who is an active member, less active, and investigator because there's not many people in the records from a town of 800. And we knocked doors too. I would say we had more success with the active members because all of our other lessons fell through and we couldn't get ahold of many others. We built some trust with the members by painting someone's deck, popping in at another's dance studio, etc. We also had dinner at our branch presidents house in Inverness with an investigating family, so that was awesome. 
The next day, we went to Sunburst with another member to try people up there. We found a semi- active couple who owns a quilt shop. Their whole life and couple story seems like it should be straight out of a Nicholas Sparks book. They were awesome. 
The next day, we went to Great Falls for zone training and some crazy stuff went down.  The whole mission is training again! Every companionship is going to go through the first 12 weeks again and have an extra hour of the day to do it. Holy cow. I'm kindof excited because I liked getting down to the basics. We also set some zone goals to get 20 baptisms in the zone by the end of the year and we made a plan to do that. 
-100% invitations to baptism in the first lesson 
-pray for focus investigators by name everyday in personal prayers
-5 new OYMs a day 
-keep dinners to 1 hour 
-be effective until 9pm
-give out atleast 1 Book of Mormon a day
-memorize and recite Alma 37:40 every day
And one of our zone leaders had me and 2 other elders bear our testimonies on how Jesus Christ has helped us in our lives and the spirit was SO strong after that. If anything can bring the spirit, it's testifying of the Savior. Without a doubt. 
Then of course there was general conference!!! My goodness, it was amazing. I especially likes when Elder Yamashita said "Be ambitious for Christ". That really stuck out to me and how he said to serve God with a joyful heart. It may be hard to do that sometimes but when we do all that we are told to do, it will be more natural and a part of who we are. 
What was everyone's favorite parts and why? I would love to get responses!
Hope you all have a great week!

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