Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Week 57

Hey everyone!

Transfer news: I'm staying in Shelby and Sister Thomas is going to
Missoula. My new companion is going to be Sister Smith and I served in
the Butte zone with her a lot- so I already know her decently well. :)
The weather has been so weird. One day was in the 30s and had an awful
windchill and then the other days have been in the 70s! I don't get it
We had one of the best lessons ever this week with the 15 year old I
was talking about the past couple emails. We met with him at the
church and we had a sister who was his Sunday School teacher the
couple of times he came to church in the past. He
Had the bombest lesson ever. He read the pamphlet we gave him and he
soaked the whole Restoration in. He believes that Joseph Smith saw
Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and that having prophets could really
help guide him and his family. He says his parents will be supportive
of him learning but his extended family will probably oppose. He said
he bought church pants to wear on Sunday bc he wants to be respectful.
He also wants to learn because he's investigated churches in the past
and he really felt the spirit here. He said it felt close to him. We
committed him to be baptized on my birthday-October 15th!!!!! 😄 I'M
We also had a lesson with our media referral/ investigating couple. We
have permission to teach them with the elders who are teaching their
in-laws in Cutbank (who this couple referred) who are also
investigating but we are still trying to work that out. We taught the
Plan of Salvation and they're doing good and they came to church this
week!!! Our 15 year old and the investigating grandparents of the
recent convert 9 year old came too! It was a beautiful day. :)
We had testimony meeting for district meeting this week and I felt the
spirit so strongly just among the 6 of us. I am so blessed to work
among other chosen servants of the Lord who testify of Him every day.
This week we volunteered at the thrift store in town. I love working
in thrift stores. You never know what's gonna come in. Haha.
We went to a Hutterite farmers market this week. The Hutterites are a
religious group that live in colonies up here and are very self
sufficient. They have lots of acres of community gardens, make their
own clothes, raise their own animals, and so on. They have a distinct
wardrobe and speak German.  So we got some produce from them.
We also helped at the primary program practice. The kids were so funny
and I just stood in as a teacher because they had teachers missing.

Sister Lauren Ney
Montana Billings Mission

Picture 1- we were in a trio for a little bit with a cat that followed
us all the way down the street
Picture 2- if you let us in your house, we will break your dishes.
Limited time offer. :)

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