Monday, August 10, 2015

Getting Ready!

Hey, all!
So this is my first test post. I'm trying to get the feel of whether I want to use a blog or just email while on my mission, so here goes nothing! :)

I have 9 days left before I leave to the MBM (Montana Billings Mission) and it's pretty stressful. NINE DAYS. Having to get 5189687214 things packed and getting everything sorted out has my mind all jumbled up. I don't think my brain has registered that I'm leaving for a year and a half yet.
I gave my farewell talk at church yesterday and it is back-to-school time so the chapel was completely packed.... No pressure. I think I did alright though! I got some laughs at some points (which usually doesn't happen when I speak) so I would say it was a success!

I think I have enough clothes too. I probably scoured out Goodwill and Savers at least a good 5 times. Here in AZ, there's hardly anything modest in 110+ degree weather in normal clothing stores- so shopping has been nothing short of interesting. And I just completely gave up on shopping for winter clothes here. It's impossible, so I'm probably just going to get those in the field. I'm nervous though because I have been told by people that went to the MBM before that some towns only have a bar, so I hope I will even be able to find a store to buy a coat and boots depending on what area I'm in.

I'm SO scared for the winter too. I've probably said this to everyone who has ever approached me about the mission but for real. I am terrified. Being born and raised in Arizona and having a mild winter in Provo did not prepare me for what lies ahead. I am 99.9% sure I will be the oompa loompa missionary wearing tons of coats like the kid on "Christmas Story." :)

But I'm excited nonetheless! I love small towns and nature, so I think I will enjoy it there in Montana and Wyoming. I've been to Wyoming and Idaho before, so I got somewhat of an idea of what it will be like. I also heard the people there are down-to-earth real people. The kind that will give you the shirt off their back- which is SO cool. These are my people! Haha.

Anyhoo- hoped you enjoyed my rambling. :)

Till next time!
Future Sister Ney

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