Monday, August 31, 2015

So week two has been awesome!
We had 7 people we've taught so far-including investigators and less actives. So multiple lessons for each one for the most part. They're role play but at the same time, they don't tell us if our people are members or not. Some of them we could just tell that they're LDS - others we really think are volunteers. Its been great teaching them and having "teach people, not lessons"- basically not being a robotic missionary but meeting people's needs with different parts of the gospel. 
We've had 3 guest speakers ( no apostles :( ) but we had the guy who helped produce the "District" movies - Stephen B. Allen- and a member of the seventy- Lawrence E Corbridge. So that was neat. 
I was in the MTC choir for the Tuesday Devo and it was SO COOL! HUNDREDS to THOUSANDS of missionaries all singing at once. I got goosebumps every time. That's what I imagine the angels to be singing like in heaven. 
I've seen RYLIE twice here and attacked her with hugs! I've seen Elder Deppe and Elder Kealer (who is in my zone) and Braden Taylor who got back from his mission to New Zealand (I believe) not too long ago and he's working here in the mailroom! SUCH a small world!! :D I also saw my FHE Dad from BYU and like half of my BYU ward here. 
I got sick twice since being here. Its a melting pot of sickness but I went to the doctors and got a blessing from the zone leaders, so I'm on the uphill. I got 3 other people in my district sick though, so I feel bad. And my comp fears for her life because she has gotten sick from me yet and its just a matter of time. She's with me 24/7.  I quarantined myself in the corner of our classroom with tissues and everything to maintain myself pretty much. Haha. Our branch prez joked about keeping me here a few extra weeks and I said NO WAY. I love this place and all but I'm ready for the real deal. I'll just be the sickly sister in Montana. :P Haha.
I LOVE my district SOOOOOO much. Our two elders going to CA already left this morning and us sisters are leaving tomorrow, so the Canadians are going to be the last ones left. I. am. going. to. cry. We've bonded SO much both in class and when we eat together everyday. And when you bond over the gospel and you bare your testimony to everyone constantly, its a whole new kind of connection.
We get to go to the temple on Sundays (just to walk and take pictures there) and then we went in on Tuesday.
To end on a spiritual note, here is something I gained a greater testimony on this week! The Atonement! Having grown up hearing and learning about the Atonement, I really took it for granted. Having learned about different struggles people face in life from both missionaries, teachers, and investigators- I've really come to understand how much it can really change someone's life. And to imagine that people out there in the world don't know what it is just blows my mind! Christ really did suffer for our sins and sorrows and made it so that we can live again in perfected bodies. He is the reason that we can start over and become a WHOLE new person. I cannot thank Him enough for this gift and I cannot imagine the amount of pain he went through to give each of this the opportunity to change. Elder Talbot, in my district, said in a sacrament talk that even if everyone else in the world was perfect and didn't need an Atonement- so you were the ONLY ONE who needed it , Christ would suffer that same amount of pain just for YOU. I really do love our Savior and hope to bring this message of hope to everyone who's in the range of my voice. 
The church is true everyone! 
Sister Ney :)


  1. Love you Sister Ney! I'm so proud of the beautifully spiritual woman you've become and so tickled that your on a mission (and slightly jealous!!). Keep up the great work! Love your posts..keep em' coming!! Hugs!
    -Aunt MelindašŸ˜˜

    1. *you're on a mission ( better correct my grammar or Katie will be mad at me hehe)

    2. *you're on a mission ( better correct my grammar or Katie will be mad at me hehe)