Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Hello, everyone!

This week was great. We had the Livingston Trunk or Treat on Wednesday and the Big Timber trunk or treat on Friday. They're the biggest events the ward and branch puts on and there were a lot of investigators and less actives that went- so it was great.
We have been dying to do service and no one lets us. So we decided to just grab a couple rakes and rake this one yard that we saw that was absolutely drowning in leaves. I mean layers upon layers of leaves. And I've never raked leaves before (being from Arizona) so it was a fun but back breaking experience. I was nervous that if the owner of the house would get mad if they saw us just raking their yard out of nowhere. The lady stuck her head in the window and gave me a surprised, angry look. I smiled and informed her. Then she came out and asked, "what are you doing?!" Sister meek replied, "we're raking your leaves!" The lady, who later told us her name was Carolyn, then was super nice and kept thanking us and saying she feels guilty. She broke her hand in a car wreck earlier that day and obviously couldn't do it herself. It took an hour or 2 to rake her leaves and then she came out with $60 to give us. We kept refusing it and said we would rather share our message with her but she shoved it in Sister Meeks hand and ran inside. So we plan on buying her dinner with it or going to dinner with her with it because she wouldn't answer her door after that so we could give it back. 
We also were able to go to the temple last week! Some people from the ward came with us and it was a great time. I absolutely love the ward members here. They are really a family and you can just tell. Every other ward says they are a ward family but I haven't felt that as prominently as I have felt it here. Everyone loves each other and is involved in each others lives. If there's an event like a child's baptism, a luncheon, anything- the whole ward comes. The love is tangible. 
We have another person on date this week. She is a kid and her parents want her to get baptized. She also wants to be baptized. We were wondering at first if that's just because everyone else wants her to or if it's because she wants to. Honestly, children are much more receptive tot the spirit than adults. Every child I've come across just knows inside that the gospel is right. They're drawn to us too because we are representatives of Jesus Christ. How much better would the world be if we were all like children? 😀
For Halloween, we had some lessons and then we're allowed to go home a bit early. So we watched some interviews on our iPad of David Archuleta and David A. Bednar while eating candy the members gave us. We were living the life. Haha.
We also changed for daylight savings time. So now it gets dark earlier and no one likes us at night. Haha. It makes everyone want to go to bed earlier too, so it's rough. But the work will to go on!
One cool thing that happened was that we were teaching an investigator and he already believed some things about the plan of salvation and it was familiar to him. How neat is that? Frankly, we all knew these things at one point and now we are relearning it here on earth because of we have gone through the veil. As missionaries, we are just reminding people of these truths and inviting them and showing them how to come home to our Heavenly Father. We are guiding our fellow brothers and sisters to come home.  It won't be home unless we are all there.

Sister Ney 😊

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