Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 24

Hello Everyone!
This week has been a bit slower. We dropped a lot of people because they weren't progressing or not showing real interest or putting the gospel as a priority in their lives. So it's been a lot of tracting and finding lately. We tracted the whole town of Argenta in under 2 hours. It was more like one street with houses on both sides of it. Right as we got there, a blizzard it and that was fun. We tried talking to a guy outside and we were facing the snow and we were just eating it the whole time. There's no way to be dignified in a snow storm. Haha.
Here's a funny story of when we were there: When we were walking up to one house, I saw a  dog, but I swear from behind it looked like a chimpanzee because it looked like one and it walked funny- as if it had hands, not paws. So when I first saw it, I turned slowly to Sister Schwendiman with wide eyes and said, "that's not a dog...." And she freaked out thinking that I meant it was a wolf but then a second later we saw it was a dog. Haha. Woops.
Our investigator who is getting baptized this Saturday is stellar. He says he wouldn't miss church for the world and when someone asked him to push back his baptism a week so that they could attend, he was like "No way!" He has been waiting for this day and he reads the Book of Mormon constantly. He said that his neck hurts sometimes from reading so much! That's how it should be! :) and he said he didn't really feel like he had purpose in life until the missionaries showed up as an answer to his prayers! How cool is that?! We can all be answers to people's prayers!!
On a different note, one of my favorite things on the mission is hearing people's stories about the spirit. It's the coolest thing to hear how people experience promptings of the spirit and the outcomes from it. Such a testimony builder! Here's my challenge for you all- share an experience you've had with the spirit with someone this week! 
Love you all!
Sister Ney

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