Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Week 27

Hey all!

This is probably going to be a short email because not much has happened this week except for the fact I got my new companion who I am training!!! She's awesome and super nice. Her name is Sister Shupe. We dropped Sister Schwendiman off in Helena for her to be transferred and then I went back to Butte to stay the night and we went back to Helena the next day to pick up Sister Shupe and then later that night we went back to Dillon.
And it DOWN POURED rain RIGHT as we were unloading luggage. Last time, it was a blizzard. So I've never had good weather transferring in Helena... Haha.
So we got to do work in Butte for two days. We were in a trio the first day and then a...quadro? the second day. Butte is interesting and there's a lot of streets. I realized I can only handle small towns right now. There are less streets to keep track of.
We have been tracting a lot to build our teaching pool and we have had some success! We are going to start teaching a FAMILY! WOO! Hopefully they will progress. :)
Well. Not much to tell. I know that we always need to trust in Heavenly Father. Just work and trust in His plan. Proverbs 3:5-6.

Sister Ney

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