Saturday, March 12, 2016

Week 28

Hello all!

So this week has been pretty good! I'm getting the hang of being a
trainer and I'm trying really hard to be a good example of following
the spirit and working hard. We put  two people on date this week, a
mother and son, and thought it was going really good but then they
dropped us a couple days later and that was a bummer. It is
disappointing but I just have to roll with the punches and have hope
or else Satan can use discouragement to his advantage.
We have been working a TON with the less active YSAs and it has been
good. We had a few come to church this Sunday. We contacted one at his
apartment and I asked if he had been to church at all, because he's in
the other ward, and he said no and without even pausing, I said,
"Why?!" It just flew out of my mouth within a split second. He was
taken aback a bit and then looked super guilty and he said he wanted
to sleep and stuff. So hey, maybe he needed the bluntness! Sister
Shupe was surprised I just straight up asked him like that too. We
laughed about it for a while after. And finding YSAs is awkward most
of the time because they're our age and having to find on the dorms,
especially when they're guys, is awkward. I'm just going to leave it
at that.
THIS WEEK (aka the guy Sister Schwendiman and I followed for a couple
blocks after I vowed to God that I would talk if he was ever put in my
path again). It was such a miracle! We were walking in an alley in
between some trailer parks and we were heading back to our car when I
saw him the alley with his friend walking towards us. So I told Sister
Shupe, "keep walking straight". And we stopped them and I talked a bit
about the Book of Mormon and I gave him one and asked if he would read
it and he said, "I don't see why not!!" and was pretty excited. The
downside is that he is moving to Washington. But I have full faith
that he will read it and enter into the fold someday! :)
Other than that, we are tracting a lot and we have found a lot of
potential investigators. Now it's just a matter of following up. :)
And we met this creepy looking cat named Harriett. Her name is ironic
once you see her picture. She reminds me of Dobby on Harry Potter.
And here is something I learned this week from being a trainer- the
Lord will make up the difference. Being a trainee is hard and as a
trainer, you just want to do everything for them because they are
still trying to learn the ropes but I know that as long as we try our
best, the Lord will help us and meet where we are, as long as it's the
best we can do.

~Sister Ney

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