Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 64

Last Monday was Halloween and we had a fun district preparation day. We played spike ball, four square, carved pumpkins, hit a piñata, etc. It was a party! :)
Before transfer, I said bye to lots of people in he branch and we had some good last lessons. I absolutely hate saying bye. It tears me apart but I just have to remember that it's probably just "see ya later". Shelby has been awesome and I definitely will cherish my time there. 
On Wednesday, I was transferred to Bozeman. Let me tell ya, the city is way different. Missionary work feels so strange in a city. There's lots of traffic, there's other missionaries around, and everything! I'm still adjusting. We are still trying to build the teaching pool but it's a bit hard because it feels like 80% of the population is YSA because of MSU being here, and the zone leaders are over them. So if we find YSAs, we have to refer them over to the elders. 
Sister Ashcroft has been awesome. We've been catching up and talking about things at home- which is strange because we actually know what each other is taking about! 
We had Sister Ashcroft's old companion with us until Saturday because she went home. Being in a trio was kind of fun. :)
Our district helped some members plant a billion flowers outside a members rental house too, which was kind of fun! 
On Saturday and Sunday, we watched the regional broadcasts. I loved the Saturday one because it talked about Teaching in the Savior's Way- which was basically Preach My Gospel. :) It just goes to show how awesome and relevant PMG is for everyone! 
And I saw a bunch of Livingston and Ennis people there! It was a joyous reunion. I saw the Carters too, the members I lived with in Livingston! There are definitely pros to serving in the same stake 3 times. 
The daylight savings time change happened yesterday and now it gets dark around 5:30 so all of prime pros is in the dark and Bozeman, for some reason, has absolutely NO street lights in any residential areas. I don't know if it's a city law but it makes things a tad difficult. Thanks to whoever made flashlights!
Other than that, we are trying to contact and teach and get things rolling over here! 

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