Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Week 67

Thanksgiving was good. We volunteered with some elders at the 5k called Huffing for Stuffing that morning. 4500 people came to run!  It was SO cold and we had like 4 layers on but it was fun. There were some interesting costumes that people ran in too! Haha. We had 3 dinners total and it almost killed us but we survived without getting too sick! We ate at 2 families houses in our ward and then a family in the 2nd ward who also had the 2nd ward elders over because no one else signed up to have us over in the evening and we were told to be with members all day. It was a fun day.
Here's a cool experience from this week: So weekly planning can take the life out of you sometimes and we decided to take a break. I wanted some chocolate at this fancy French chocolate shop inside Hotel Baxter. And I guess my chocolate cravings were inspired because a recent RM from the Oregon Eugene Mission stopped us and gave us a referral of his sister and brother in law! It was awesome. Plus, he knows the two elders we know from back home who are serving in the OEM. Small world! 
Another little miracle we had was when we were tracting some apartment buildings, it was getting a bit discouraging because no one was receptive but then we knocked on a door where 2 people living in humble looking circumstances answered and exclaimed that they love hearing the word of God. They were busy at the moment but begged us to come back in a week. People like them make it all worth it. 
We had interviews with President this week and he told me to read a talk he read recently. It's by Elder Marvin J. Ashton and one of my favorite parts is this: "On our last trip to Great Britain, I had a chance to visit with an eighteen-year-old young man who has had close association with many missionaries in the field. As I was going to speak to a large number of missionaries in the next few days, I asked this friend what he thought was the most important trait missionaries needed in order to be successful. His answer was simple. “They must know how to work. Many come on a mission never knowing how to work.” It has been my experience over the years that feeble-knees are not a by-product of work and commitment to goals." How true! I have definitely been able to see this throughout my mission. I know that through the work ethic I develop during my mission, I can be a hardworking citizen, student, mother, sister, daughter, friend, and Latter-Day Saint. 
We have been introducing this year's new Christmas initiative the church created. It's called #LIGHTtheWORLD. There is a great video about how we can serve this Christmas season like Christ did. And there's a 25 day advent calendar of service ideas we can do everyday leading up to Christmas! Check it out and share it with everyone! It's on
Love you all! 

Sister Lauren Ney
Montana Billings Mission 

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