Sunday, November 27, 2016

Week 66

This week was pretty fun. 
We helped make turkey treats (turkeys made out of Rice Krispie treats and candy) at a nursing home and all of the old ladies were so funny. They didn't know how to make them even when we helped them and they just laughed and laughed. 
We also were able to help at the food bank here and it is WAY bigger than every other food bank I've served in on my mission. 
We had an early Thanksgiving dinner with the YSA ward on Saturday. We didn't have dinner that night and a member invited us so what the hey. It is weird being a missionary around people my own age. It's like there's a wall between us but not...
We got a referral from the Belgrade elders this week. It was an investigator they've been teaching for a while and he moved into our area. The guy is in a rough spot in his life to the point where he's now living in a motel and biking everywhere, which has softened him to the gospel. The way things worked out made it so that us and the Bozeman 1st ward elders taught him at once. We tried to make it so the guy didn't feel ganged up on but four people in name tags makes it a little weird.  Haha. He was nice about it and he recognizes something different about the church! :) He came to church on Sunday and it was his first time going to any church in 20 years. He enjoyed it and we had a lesson afterwards and a recent RM was our member present and he was awesome. He had the pamphlet we needed, taught our investigator how to pray, and everything! :D
We have been able to talk to more people this week compared to last week. We found a super solid new investigator but had to turn him over to the zone leaders because he's a YSA. We were contacting a former investigator and they moved but this new guy moved in. He is like a mini Joseph Smith. He's wondering which church is true and is actively seeking the truth. We taught him on his doorstep and he soaked the Restoration in and accepted a Book of Mormon. He was so excited for a return appointment and I just wish we could teach him but he's a YSA. :( I'm glad we found him though!
We were also able to get more dinners this week which was good because it helps me get to know the ward. The members are so nice here. At one dinner appointment, the couple had Sister Ashcroft play a hymn on the piano and we all sang along and I felt like I was in the 1800s or something. Haha. 
This week has been snowy and between 20-30 degrees. I'm in denial though that winter is here and refuse to wear my coat until I absolutely need to. I'm not ready for winter round 2!! 

Sister Lauren Ney
Montana Billings Mission 

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