Monday, September 7, 2015

Week 3

Hi family and friends! 
This has been the most insane week so far! So the 30 MBM missionaries 
( including myself) flew out to the field on Tuesday. We had to catch 
a bus, 2 trains, and a plane..... Just to get to SLC. We had to load 
and unload our luggage to and from everything within minutes too or 
else the train would leave, so we were all dripping sweat. 
It was so hard to leave my MTC district because we got so close! It's 
like EFY on steroids. 
We all stayed in Billings for two days when we got here. Some of us 
stayed in the home because the 2nd floor is all dorms, and the rest of 
us stayed in members houses and a hotel. I stayed at a bishops house 
in the area. We had training for those 2 days and had recent converts 
tell us their stories. It was SO inspiring to see how missionaries and 
the gospel changed their lives. This is a super strict mission. 
Obedience is exact. For example, we can't say any nicknames or 
abbreviations at all. We have to say "companion" not "comp", 
"preparation day" not "p-day", no "greenies", we have to say "Mormon 
tabernacle choir", no calling each other by last names, etc. it is SO 
hard. And we have to wake up at 6:23 and not 6:30. There's no fishing 
on preparation day, no caffeine, no weight-lifting, obey the schedule 
exactly. It's because this mission has the most baptisms per 
companionship because of exact obedience. So President Wadsworth set 
the goal for 4 baptisms per companionship per transfer. Him and his 
wife are SUPER nice though. Everyone in the mission home is awesome. 
We got to go through the Billings temple too! It's gorgeous! 
So I'm in the Bozeman zone and my area is Livingston, Gardiner, and 
Big Timber. We are right above Yellowstone. The towns are miles and 
miles and miles apart so that's kind of stressful and I get carsick. 
Hahaha. We are the only sisters in the zone too and our area hasn't 
had sisters in years. The Lord needs sisters here right now I guess! 
We were doubled into this area- meaning neither of us have been here 
before so the first couple of days we were completely lost and 
stressed out. I had to spend 3 days just mapping out where people live 
here. Haha. 
It's super duper windy here and my skirt flew up right when I walked 
out of church on Sunday so that was fun. And it's already freezing so 
I'm living off my 3 cardigans right now. Haha. It is amazing how 
different Livingston is from home. Many people live in trailers and 
teeny tiny poorly lit homes that are completely filled with stuff and 
garbage, and smell like smoke, other drugs, and alcohol- so it's very 
humbling serving here. 
The ward is way small compared to home but they're all super nice and 
love to help the missionaries! 
We live in the basement of a members home and they are soooo nice. 
It's close quarters but cozy. Me and my companion have a truck too- 
which is nice for mountains and such. 
Oh! And my companion is Sister Meek. She's already training even though 
she's only been out here for one transfer.  It's just different being with only one person 24/7. 
In the MTC we were with a roomies and district most of the time, so it 
wasn't just one on one. 
We have 4 people on date to be baptized already from what the elders 
before us did, so that's cool! And we are having great success 
tracting. Lessons have fallen through so many times though because of 
distance and lack of ability to communicate because many people don't 
have phones here. So that's disappointing because we spend soooo much 
time planning for people and then we don't even see them. 
This week has been the most challenging mentally and physically (from 
being sick still), but I know I was called on a mission for a reason 
and I am trying to stay positive. I know this church is true and that 
the Lord is with us in all our trials. My joy in being on a mission is 
solely from knowing I am doing Gods work. He loves each of us and will 
pour out His blessings if we follow him. 
Sister Ney 

Me and President and Sister Wadsworth
Me and Sister Meeks


  1. Congratulations Sister Ney! Have an amazing wonderful mission, love Cuz Shawn

  2. Congratulations Sister Ney! Have an amazing wonderful mission, love Cuz Shawn