Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Week 4

Hey everyone! 
So I'm slowly but surely getting a hold of the duties of missionary 
life. It's definitely challenging. It I see the Lord's hand in it all. 
So coming into the field- we had 4 people on date to be baptized but 
for their own reasons, 3 of them had to get postponed but we got 
another one out on date this week in the first lesson! It was awesome! 
This week we had stake conference and Elder Pino, of the 70, spoke at 
the Saturday and Sunday sessions in Bozeman. He spoke in Spanish too- 
so he had an interpreter. The overall theme was on missionary work and 
getting members involved which was cool because, in this case, I am 
the missionary! Even before stake conference, the members in our ward 
in Livingston and branches in Big Timber and Gardiner were really 
involved and came with us to 99 percent of our lessons and gave us 
referrals. But now, totaling referrals before and stake conference- we 
have 22 referrals!!! Also- our area hasn't had sisters in 7-8 years 
and many people have come up to us because they've been praying for 
sisters and didn't want to give certain referrals to elders. So it has 
been so cool being an answer to people's prayers. :) 
Our towns are so spread out that we have driven over 100 miles in one 
day once. It was crazy. But now my companion has a helmet- so we've 
started biking too. It's definitely interesting riding a bike in a 
skirt in the windiest town in Montana....and my bike bar is high too. 
Apparently there are bikes made with a low bar that work better with 
skirts but I didn't know that so I have to suffer the consequences. 
Oh. And one of the branches is so small that they have only 4 active 
priesthood holders!! It's insane coming here from AZ and  seeing that! 
We're Just gone have to reactivate them all! :) 
I tracked into my first Bible Basher this week. That was fun. It's so 
interesting coming across so many people with different views and 
figuring out how to respond to them with the gospel. It's a mind game 
that's led by the Spirit. Haha. My companion is super good at knowing 
what to say at people's doorsteps too and how to get the back on 
topic. (I've heard soooo many different kinds of tangents. It's 
insane.) I learn a lot from her and her persistence. 
And guess what is funny- I still sleep talk by bearing my testimony 
and teaching lessons. I do it like almost every night. Last night, I 
taught "how the gospel blesses families" from the first lesson and 
sister meek told me to be quiet and that we're not in a lesson. Haha! 
She said all of her companion shave slept talked and that she's cursed 
with it. :) 
Spiritual time: The Holy Ghost is so cool. We pray a lot about which 
members to invite to each lesson and most of the time, the person we 
choose ends up being the persons home or visiting teacher, friend, 
coworker, etc. Another time, Sister Meek thought of a woman's name and 
I thought of a woman's face. We then decided to call the woman sister 
meek thought of and when she showed up at the lesson, it ended up 
being the same person! The Holy Ghost showed me her face but I didn't 
know her name but Sister Meek knew the name but not the face. So cool! 
That's why there are companionships. 
Anyhoo- we're going to a members home who offered to teach me how to 
sew today so I'm so excited! She's the sweetest lady. :) 
Sister Ney 

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