Monday, September 21, 2015


Hey, family and friends! 
So good news! We are putting everyone on date for baptism over here! 
We put four more people on date for baptism! We have had to postpone 
some of the other peoples' baptisms because of lack of church attendance 
but they are still going strong! The thing is- their baptisms are all 
scheduled for mid or late October, which is after transfers. So if I 
get transferred out, I won't see any of the fruit of our labors! :( 
No Bueno. I guess that's how the elders before us felt, they both were 
transferred out with 4 people on-date. It's just hard because 
the mission goal is 4 baptisms per companionship per month...and when 
transfers are every 6 weeks, everyone you put on date yourself will 
probably be baptized afterwards and then the new missionaries have to 
somehow keep rolling with them. 
We finally got to do some service this week! We helped serve at Loaves 
an' Fishes, a locally owned soup kitchen. We helped serve dinner and 
got to see some people. Some other members served with us too. Funny 
thing is, we saw a couple there and ended up tracting into them and 
now we're teaching them! 
On Thursday, our whole zone had to drive to Helena (around 2.5 hours 
away) and sister meek and I had to use our own truck and use our own 
miles because we are the only sisters in the zone and we can't ride 
with elders. THEN we got there and figured out the conference was 
cancelled and had to drive back. Sister meek doesn't believe in 
coincidences so she believes we drive all t way to Helena for a 
reason. Then she asked me, "don't tell me you prayed for a muffin." 
(Because we picked up breakfast on the way there and I got a muffin.) 
No. I did not pray for a muffin....-_- So we used well over 200 miles 
on Thursday... So that was a bummer. Now we have to bike a lot to save 
the rest of our miles for the month. And I cannot take us seriously 
when biking for the life of me. Two girls on bikes, wearing skirts 
with helmets come up and approach you and start preaching. Ahahaha. 
The image of it. 
So because we scheduled everything for Friday due to our belief that 
there was a conference on Thursday, we had 7 lessons set up and 5 fell 
through. That was disappointing but seriously the epitome of 
missionary work. Hahaha. When that happens, we start knocking doors 
and finding people. Our numbers are pretty good though still. Lots of 
referrals and such. 
Here is something cool: one day we didn't have a dinner appointment 
with any members and I was so sick of my bland food (like college 
food-very simple) so I prayed for someone to feed us. Then, like 10 
minutes later, the members we lived with offered to feed us AND gave 
us a cookie. (It was awesome because we don't eat with them 
normally.)The church is true. 
We spoke in church in Big Timber yesterday. Let me tell ya, branches 
are teeny. I spoke on the Book of Mormon and I thought I was pretty 
bold. I even quoted "safety for the souls" by Elder Holland and said 
at the end in my testimony,"If we are to be called Mormon, we better 
know the Book of Mormon. We better read the Book of Mormon, we better 
live the Book of Mormon, and we better share The Book of Mormon". But 
then sister meek was asked to speak on member involvement in 
missionary work and she apparently delivered. One of the members said, 
"wow. Your talk was all hellfire and damnation!" She really 
"chastened" them- as she liked to say. And there's a lady in the 
branch who makes homemade loaves of bread for people who speak on 
Sunday's and for ten sacrament. So we each got a loaf of bread and we 
were so hungry, we ate half of it on the car ride home. 
Oh! And the mountains have snow. And I broke out my winter coat even 
before it snowed. So ya. People understand once I tell them I'm from 
Arizona. Hahaha. The struggle is real, everyone. 
And I have continued to "sleep-preach". It's the weirdest thing. It 
happens almost every night. Sister meek just tells me to be quiet.  
Spiritual thought: I have started to see people for what they can 
become. We have met people who have reached the lowest of lows and 
really want to change but don't know how. We are literally handing 
them the way to turn their lives around. Being a missionary of Christ 
helps me to see them as children of God and how much he loves even the 
vilest of sinners. I am so glad I represent the Lord everyday and am 
here in His place to share the gospel with everyone who will hear it.
Sister Ney 

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