Monday, September 28, 2015

week 6

Hola, familia y amigos! 
Man, I wish I was in a Spanish speaking mission sometimes. I use 
Spanglish a lot and sister meek thinks it's so cool for some reason. 
This week has been super eventful. We first had Zone Training on 
Thursday in Bozeman. It's where out whole zone gets together 
and...trains. Hahah. President and Sister Wadsworth and the assistant 
were there too and it was so neat. We learned how to work with ward 
council and members better and role played scenarios. At the end, 
President Wadsworth pointed out that Sister Meek and I are the only 
sisters in the zone and that we had more lessons than the elders 
lately. I didn't even notice. 
Afterwards, we had exchanges with our Sister training leaders 
(basically zone leaders but for sisters). I went to Big Timber with 
sister Rasmussen. She is so cute and I loved being able to have a 
change of scenery and get to know another sister. We stayed at a 
members house and they are the bomb. They are huge into food storage 
and they let us go "shopping" and take home what we want. We tracted 
and went finding. We also taught a less active lesson to a lady who is 
the sweetest thing ever and to a member family. 
Then we had General Women's Session this weekend at the Bozeman Stake 
Center.  We brought some less active members and they loved it. 
Afterwards, we came back into Livingston and there was a power outage 
and it was really creepy. We did our daily planning by flashlight. 
We also started a Zone fast through conference call for some of the 
people on-date in our areas. It was cool to have the missionaries in 
the whole zone in on it! 
Then get this- we were supposed to speak in the Gardiner branch 
sacrament meeting yesterday but Sister Meek woke up with a sick 
feeling that we were not supposed to go there. She felt prompted to 
come get me out of the bathroom and we prayed about it and we felt 
like we shouldn't go there but we should go to Big Timber and that we 
needed to leave Livingston right then and there (it was like 6:30 am- 
we woke up earlier to prep our talks). So we did. We had to call and 
apologize to the Gardiner branch president because we couldn't speak 
in sacrament and we left. We did our studies in the Big Timber church 
building and went to church and stayed in town for the day. At the end 
of the day, after we met with certain people, we felt like we knew why 
we were in Big Timber that day. 
Also, something funny that happened is that I made Sister Meek laugh 
so hard she puked. It was great. I didn't even think I was that funny. 
Spiritual thought: In General Women's meeting, my favorite talk was by 
President Uchtdorf. He spoke on happiness and I felt like it really 
applied to me. Everyone says the first transfer is the hardest because 
of having to adjust to missionary life and dealing with homesickness. 
Some things that I wrote down from his talk was that 
-God didn't design us to be sad. If we turn to Him, he'll help us find joy 
-the happiest people are those that focus on the good things, 
miracles, and fill their lives with meaningful things 
-LOVE is what makes us HAPPY :) 
Hope you all are happy! 
Sister Ney 
Pic 1- us during the power-out 
Pic 2- according to people here in Livingston, to the left of the 
highest peak is the face of Jesus laying down (facing left). You can 
see his brow bone, nose, lip, and beard. It's so cool! 
Pic 3- there's a fish and a letter "p" on the mountain for some reason.... 

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