Monday, November 16, 2015

Week 13

Hello all! 
Here are some of the highlights of this week! 
Our 2 investigators are still on track for baptism! They're eating all 
of the lessons up and have the whole baptism planned! Man, I hope I 
get to stay and see them get baptized! :) 
We had interviews with President Wadsworth and it was fun. I was 
intimidated at first but he was super nice and it wasn't because we're 
screwing anything up. :) 
On the way back, we saw a semi tipped over on the highway because of 
the insane wind here! They had to close down the highway because the 
crosswinds are too strong! It's like tornado weather all the time. I 
was cracking up the other day because we were tracting in the wind and 
we looked drunk because we couldn't walk straight. It just pushes us 
over like we are nothing! I get to a door and my hair is insane too. 
These poor people have me show up on their doorstep out of 
breath (because I can hardly breathe against the wind) and looking 
like a banshee. Hahah. 
Speaking of hair, last Preparation Day, Sister Meek and I got haircuts 
and the lady felt like she had to make my hair look like I just came 
out of the 80s. Sister Meek looked at me when I got done and her eyes 
widened. Haha. I had to do some serious damage control when we got in 
the car so my hair wasn't a foot off my head!! 
We went to Gardiner yesterday for church and it's the smallest church 
building I've seen so far! And there were elk just laying 
on the lawn out front. We could get super close to them and they 
wouldn't flinch. They had Sister Meek and I give our testimonies at 
the end and I talked about how I'm grateful for (because it's 
Thanksgiving season!) and have a testimony of our Heavenly Father, 
Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost. I shared the story of how when I was 
a custodian at BYU, I was sweeping a stairwell of an apartment 
building and listening to the Book of Mormon on my phone. It started 
talking about when Christ visited the Nephites and I started crying. 
It reminded me of all Christ has done for me and all of Gods children 
and how He even cares for and loves me- a student custodian in a dark 
stairwell, away from home and feeling like I was drowning in my 
classes. He knows each of us and has suffered for our individual sins. 
Think about it. He loves us enough to sacrifice Himself for us, no 
matter how small or insignificant we may feel. Don't ever forget our 
Savior and Redeemer. He lives. 
Sister Ney 

Mormon Elk

 I'm not really fat. I have lots of layers on.

 Bad hair day

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