Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 12

Hello, all! 
This week was crazy! We had a blizzard but the snow has already melted. People 
say that in Livingston, the insane winds just blow it away so snow doesn't ever 
stick for long. That was a crazy day. Roads were slick and everything was piled 
on with snow. Then it made everything muddy. 
We found out this week that we have transfers the day before Thanksgiving, so we 
were shocked because that will kind of mess with holiday plans but we will see 
if I'm staying! 
We went on exchanges this week with our Sister Training Leaders. Sister Meek 
stayed here in Livingston and I went to Billings for a few days! Oh my goodness. 
I loooove Billings! The way it's set up is like home, so I felt comfortable 
there. And there's no snow there, so that was sweet. I really hope I get to 
serve there during my mission. I got to drop by the mission home, drive by the 
temple, and go to the church building we had meetings at during the first few 
days we were out. It brought back memories!! We taught a lot of people and then 
a member took us to dinner at the Golden Corral. The assistants were there too 
because they share a ward with our sister training leaders. We were in charge of 
the lesson and I thought I was gonna puke because I was going to have to teach 
in front of the assistants, but they ended up having to leave early to get to a 
lesson so it was all good. 
We taught a cool lesson this week to a member family. We called it "choose your 
weapon". We set out several objects to use to share the gospel with: pass along 
cards, the Restoration DVD, pamphlets, a Book of Mormon, etc. We explained how 
to use them all in missionary work and then we had each family member think of 
someone they wanted to share the gospel with and what object would work best for 
them. It was fun! 
Here is a miracle that happened! I truly learned that the Holy Ghost is the real 
teacher. I kind of knew that before but it hasn't really hit me until now. We 
were teaching an investigator and we invited them to be baptized twice and they 
said no. I got really discouraged because I know that a significant reason that 
us sisters are here is for them. However, we fasted for them and while reading 
the scriptures one night, the Spirit hit them and told them they will be 
baptized on a certain date next month. How neat! I was mind blown! That's just a 
testament that fasting works and that the Holy Ghost is absolutely essential in 
the work. 
Sister Ney :) 

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