Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 14

Hello family and friends!
Transfer news! I'm going to Dillon! It's north of Idaho and it's a smaller town than Livingston but there's 2 wards. I'm going to be in the Dillon 2nd ward. I'm being transferred tomorrow morning and I'm going to be with Sister Schwendiman. I was super upset at first because our baptisms are coming up on Saturday and I'm going to miss them but I know the Lord needs me somewhere else at this time. It's also hard because we had all these  Some members of the ward kept trying to pry the news out of us yesterday at church but we couldn't tell anyone about transfers until today. And don't sent me anything until I get my new address in Dillon! :)

I almost broke both of my knees this week! Good news is that it was just almost. They are still intact. Here's how it happened: we had to get out of parallel parking and Sister Meek needed me to back her so she didn't hit the car behind us. She normally has me directly behind the car while she backs, so I went behind her. Bad idea. I gave her the sign to stop but she kept going and crushed my legs between our truck and the car behind us. Once the pain hit, I started yelling and waving her to pull forward or else I would've been in seriously bad shape. Once she figured it out, I limped over to the sidewalk and made sure my kneecaps weren't fractured. They seriously hurt for a few days and they're badly bruised but I'm fine now. She hit me with the truck once too because she was going too fast. I seriously hate backing but I'm still alive...which is good! Haha. Now I know to stand clear away from the truck when backing. Lesson learned.

We found some new investigators this week but it seems like whenever someone seems promising, they get sick. Satan uses biological warfare apparently. Anyhow- it's amazing to hear how people sometimes say how just our presence showed them that Jesus Christ is there for them. One lady said that by seeing us "saved her [that night]". I have no idea what would've happened if we weren't there but I'm glad we were. It was because we went to an appointment late and they ended up cancelling because they were sick. So all things happen for a reason, folks! 
For a few days here, the wind was 80mph!!! That's hurricane wind! But that was at night thankfully, so we weren't in the middle of it. Lots of people in the ward are in the roofing business because the wind always messes up people's roofs. 
One thing that I learned this week is that loving people honestly and genuinely is one of the keys to success in missionary work. When you love people, that's when you want to help them. That's what motivates you to go day to day fulfilling your duty and representing Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ loved everyone perfectly and we need to too. We are commanded to be like him, so that's one thing we have to do as well. It may not happen all at once, but when we try  to look at people through a perspective of love-that's when it will become easier and more natural to instantly love people. One thing that I try to do to help me is to just remember that I'm talking to one of my brothers and sisters and I don't know their life story perfectly, but I can love who they are now.
Sorry I can't give any more details this week, but I have to pack for transfers and it's stressing me out! 

Love you all!
Sister Ney

The two people on the left are getting baptized this Saturday!

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