Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Week 34

Hello, family!
So this week we did a lot of biking because it has been warming up. It hit the 70s is week! I thought I would never see the day! I don't know how many miles we have gone but it was a lot. Sister Shupe and I might buy some FitBits soon so we can start tracking. I have some sunburns and a tan line from my watch. 
We have been contacting a lot. And trying to get more people to teach. I came across another guy who thought my name was Ranea when I said that my name is Sister Ney. It happens alllllll the time. So apparently I am Ranae and Sister Shupe is Sister Shupe. So she's just some weird person that goes by "Sister". Haha. I also realized how funny it would be if my name was Ranae Ney. Haha. It sounds funny.
Well, 3 recent converts we are teaching are going to all be ordained to the Aaronic priesthood within the next week. One already was yesterday and we have 2 more next week! So it has been awesome seeing them get excited to receive the priesthood. 
We had a missionary mutual on Wednesday for the youth. There were stations of handy skills you might need as a missionary like naming a scripture story from seeing a picture, sewing a button, tying a tie, pumping a bike tire, and ironing clothes. It was fun and they made it a race between Young Mens and Young Womens. Then they did a tug of war afterward for some reason. And then we kicked off our "Missionary Madness" challenge for the month of April. We are having the Young Womens and Young Mens from both wards complete different missionary things all month long and whichever group gets the most points by the end of the month gets a pizza party! Different tasks have different points attached to them, like "Bring a friend to church- 10 points", "post something spiritual on Facebook and tag the missionaries-5 points", etc. We really hope this will get the youth more involved in missionary work.
Oh! And we might be teaching some Youth Challenge kids from the academy here soon. They come to church and mutual a lot if they have been on good behavior, so some have been interested in learning about the church. We talked to their sergeant, and we have to talk to a few more of their leaders to make sure it's okay.
Well, I know the church is true and I have gained a greater testimony of the Sabbath day. I used to be all stressed out on Sunday's because there were so many different things to take care of and people to talk to while we were there that I would just feel so spread thin. But this time a
I let it all go and focused on what we should do on the sabbath- rest, worship and learn about the Savior. And boy, it made a world of a difference!! I just enjoyed the company of the ward family and soaked up the spirit. And that's how it should be! 
Have a good week everyone! 

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