Monday, April 4, 2016

Week 33

This has been a crazy awesome week!!
Transfer news: Sister Shupe and I are both staying here in Dillon! So this will be my 4th transfer here. When I first came on the mission I thought I would never want to be in an area for that long, but I have come to love this town. I was SO happy.  I could stay here forever and just live here for the rest of my life. The people are the best. 
We had a miracle baptism this week after the Saturday afternoon session of conference! The father of the girl who's baptism we sang at last week was baptized! His wife's whole side of the family is lds and they came and so did a ton of ward members. We ran out of seating for everyone that came! The whole process of teaching him and him being baptized happened all within around 10 days. He was just ready. His 12 year old son spoke at his baptism and started crying because he was so happy that his dad was being baptized and that they can be sealed as a family a year from now. The closing song was "Families Can Be Together Forever" and almost everyone started crying. It was awesome. He spirit was there and he was so grateful.
Moments like that make it all worth it.
Conference was also this week! We watched one session with a member, one at the chapel with the elders because no one else had us over and no one else showed up at the church, and two sessions in Polaris with a recent convert. I loved it. I was also super glad that President Monson was able to speak for a little bit. I liked Mervyn B. Arnold's talk and how we mentioned that we are ALL called to the rescue. I know that's true! Missionary, member, or non-member. We are all God's children with the same potential and worth. Heaven won't be heaven unless we are all there.
Besides those highlights of the week, some other stuff that happened was that Sister Shupe and I biked and walked a lot because we ran out of miles on our car and we also took turns being sick, which made biking and walking even more fun. 
But it's been great here in paradise. Hope all is well in the outside world!

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