Monday, April 18, 2016

Week 35

Hello, family and friends!

Well, this week wasn't too crazy.
We had an awesome lesson with a less active who moved back into town
with his family because of some rough things he's going through. His
mom referred us to him and we had a member of the bishopric come and
it was one of the best lessons we have ever had in that home. The
bishopric member was able to teach and testify about the Restoration
and the spirit was there. Usually, when we teach at that house, it's a
disaster and we are not sure if anyone learned anything. So I
definitely have a testimony that when the right member comes to a
lesson, it makes a world of a difference!!
We had a little earth day celebration here in Dillon and in the
morning, the community helped pick up trash around town and then we
had a bbq and vendors at the park. I love small towns. :)
This stuff doesn't happen in the city.
We were able to talk to a couple people and one of our former
investigators there.
We also had a service project for the youth to clean the church
building this past Saturday! This building is always soooo dirty for
some reason, so as part of the missionary challenge for the month,
they could come and earn points by cleaning the church. And it will be
nice and clean for our open house this week. :)
My testimony in talking to everyone also has grown this week. So,
during the winter time, my street contacting skills weakened because
it's cold and no one is outside, so you don't keep up on it. So I'm a
bit rusty and I'm trying to get used to street contacting again/
talking to everyone. I
just have to force myself to do it and when I did, we were able to get
a new investigator! We were walking out of an apartment building and
she was sitting on a bench while she was smoking so we talking to her
about the Restoration. She wanted us to come back again to teach her!
And we were also contacting a potential investigator and her friends
were on the porch with her and we talked to all of them (one of the
guys' names was Goob. No joke.) and he referred us to his friend a few
doors down who also became a new investigator! Miracles happen when
you obey the principle of talking to everyone. :)
Sister Shupe and I also spoke in sacrament this week about the
blessings of obedience and I mentioned that in there.
Hope everyone is having a great week!

Sister Lauren Ney
Montana Billings Mission

Pictures- tender mercies: rays of sunshine in the laundromat

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