Saturday, April 30, 2016

Week 36

Hello, all!

I have got to say, the mission is totally helping me set goals on what
I want my future family to be like. I don't know how my life would be
without coming out here and meeting the people I have met. Heavenly
Father knew what I would need and He knew a mission would help me do
It's been kindof a cool week. So in district meeting, we were doing
role plays about trying to resolve people's concerns using the spirit
and How to Begin Teaching points (and not straight up asking the
person what their concerns are) and I was nervous because the gift of
discernment has been something I'm struggling with and asking Heavenly
Father to help me have. So we got up in front of the district to role
play a first lesson with an investigator, who was one of our zone
leaders, and right off the bat I decided to state that we are
representatives of Christ and that our whole purpose and desire is to
bring all of Gods children to Him and our Savior. And then we asked
him (hopefully) inspired questions to help him and get to know him
after that. After the role play, he said his concern was that he
wasn't sure Mormons believed in Christ and that he didn't believe that
2 19 year old girls could teach him anything. And he said that we
resolved both of them within a couple minutes! How neat! I definitely
felt touched that Heavenly Father gave me and Sister Shupe the power
to discern his needs and put words into our mouths because there's no
way that would have been possible on our own.
And we also had the privilege of teaching institute this weeks to the
YSAs. One girl that came was less active and the lesson this week was
on Esther, so I think that was perfect for her because it's all about
courage and that's what a lot of these struggling college students
need. Courage to stand up for their beliefs and not fall into the
evils around them.
And we had another open house and we had a slightly better turn out
than last time. We had one more nonmember come- which is progress,
even if it was small. Her dad and sister converted a year or so ago.
So maybe she was impacted in some way to be in the church again!
AND we had an investigator come to church! This was the first time in
a long time that we were able to get someone to come who wasn't
already halfway baptized (our other recent converts have just been
super ready and they had no issues). So this lady that came is still
hesitant but we were able to bring a member couple to meet her on
Saturday and offer to bring her to church on Sunday and she was
actually waiting on the curb to be picked up before church!! She
stayed for sacrament but the deal was that she wanted to be dropped
off at her church, the Cowboy church, afterwards. That was a weird
deal to make but atleast she came!! And she enjoyed it and knew some
people there.

Sister Lauren Ney
Montana Billings Mission

Pictures: Sister Shupe and I found earth worms today because it was rainy!

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