Sunday, May 15, 2016

Week 38

Howdy, y'all!
So this week was busy. Cinco de Mayo came and went. Of course it's not
a big holiday here but Sister Shupe and I used it as an excuse to go
to the Mexican bus to eat because it's the best. It's super authentic
because the owners are from Mexico and hardly speak English and only
live here when it's warmer. They go back down to Mexico in the
winters. It's to.die.for.
We also had Mother's Day, so we got to skype home. It was good and
church was fun. The little primary kids sang a song and it made me
tear up and I'm not even a mother yet!! And the youth gave flowers to
the mothers.
We also were able to teach the cadet and commit him to baptism during
his lesson at church. We had the BEST member present and he basically
taught the whole thing. He loves missionary work (and has been on a
mission) and remembers the lessons exactly. Members are essential.
Members are what help them stay in the church. President Hinckley said
recent converts need 3 things:  1.A friend in the Church to whom he
can constantly turn, who will walk beside him, who will answer his
questions, who will understand his problems. 2. An assignment 3.
nourishment by the good word of God
We also had an interesting experience this week. So we had had an
active member ask us twice to make a pie for him for service. So we
did both times but this time, he asked for a strawberry rhubarb pie
for him and his neighbors/ coworkers who are not members. So we did it
and delivered the pies to them while they were working in the saddle
shop they own. So they let us have some pie (which was so dang good.
I've never had that kind before!) with them and then the member asked
if we could share a message right there and then. We talked about
God's purpose, Christ's purpose, and our purpose and committed them
all to bear their testimonies to someone this week. It was awesome and
we felt the spirit, even in a saddle shop. Haha. Montana, I'm telling
Some other fun things that happened: we found out that a recent
convert we teach has pet sugar gliders and I got to see them. They're
so cute but REALLY loud.
And we got to tract in the woods (next to Beaverhead National Forrest)
in Polaris and we saw signs that said "watch for bears" and "moose
crossing" . Polaris is like its own world. It reminds me of pictures
of New Zealand or something. It's a hidden little utopia and when I
have enough money, I will own a house over there.
This week has been great. Our zone is continuing our "12 Days of
Finding" challenge and we are seeing miracles, big and small,
everywhere! God is good.

Sister Lauren Ney
Montana Billings Mission

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