Sunday, May 15, 2016

Week 37

Hello all!

This week has been a bit rainy and snowy (and yes, even in April). It
tends to be like that whenever we travel. We drove out to Wisdom,
where we tracted out a big chunk of the town within a half hour
because it's so teeny. It's in the Big Hole. It's a little over an
hour away from Dillon. We want to stay the night out in the Big Hole
this week so we can tract out Wisdom, Jackson, and Polaris. Maybe even
Argenta. The towns are super small.
We also had exchanges in Helena and both Sister Shupe and I went and
did work up there. We tracted and contacted for-ev-er , it felt like.
Possibly because I had a massive headache the whole time. For some
reason, I have gotten a headache every day this week and sometimes I
wake up with it. It's no fun and makes the work hard.
We had a chilli cookoff for the youth to fund raise for their camps
this summer. There was an auction and it was hilarious. Family members
were bidding against eachother and one guy wanted a cheese cake so bad
that he was trying to push another guys hand down when they were
bidding. We got some recent converts and nonmembers to that, which was
We also had a youth family history workshop with some members who are
stellar at family history. It was part of their missionary madness
challenge for the month and the Young Men in our ward beat the other
groups with over 200 points. They were determined. So they get a pizza
We taught a cadet from the MYCA (Montana Youth Challenge Academy) at
church. He wants to get baptized and some LDS cadets helped teach the
lesson, which was neat.
We also had a cool experience this week where we went out with one of
our new ward missionaries and it was great. She is so motherly and
friendly and we could tell that the people that we contacted took to
her well. And we went to a less active's house that hasn't been
contacted in a while (because she has a sketchy living situation) and
taught the Restoration and it went super well. She really appreciated
it and connected to the ward missionary that came. :) WARD
And we have "The 12 Days of Finding" going on in our zone right now
and we are reading the Finding People to Teach section in Peach my
Gospel and doing and applying all of the activities in there for the
next 12 days. So our Zone Leaders call us every day to report to the
zone what finding miracles have happened each day in our zone. So it's
been pretty cool!
Anyhow- that's it for me. Hope everyone is just peachy!

Sister Lauren Ney
Montana Billings Mission

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