Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 39

Hello all!

Transfer news: I'm STAYING in Dillon! By the end of this transfer
(ending around the he end of June), I will have been here for 7 1/2
months. I might as well just start building a house here so I could
just live here permanently because that's what it feels like now.
Haha. I hope the members don't get sick of me. Hahah. Sister Shupe is
staying too but now she's out of training- so we have an extra hour to
our day to proselyte now, which will be weird.
Oh! And I'm hitting my halfway mark of my mission. Weird. Times does fly out here!
 We put a cadet at the academy on date but now it's just a matter of
getting his parents on board. He says he thinks will be good for his
life and it feels right here. :) He's a funny kid. A Young Mens leader
helps us teach him during church and he's hilarious. Just the at he
words things. It's a fun group.
We also might have to rebaptize a 92 year old man because we cannot
find his baptismal records anywhere. We've been looking for months. He
was baptized after the Korean War which makes it a but difficult too.
It snowed really bad this week. And it's MAY. Montana's weather is so
weird. It melted pretty fast but it's still cold and rainy.
We also made a spontaneous trip to Polaris because we have a referral
from church headquarters for a guy out there. But he wasn't home-
which was a bummer because it takes a lot of miles to go there. So now
we have to go there more to find him.
We also got to sing to residents of a nursing home with one of the
residents who's a member and we helped with a postal food drive at the
food bank. Some cadets came and helped too.
We had a sweet fireside by a member of the stake presidency and his
wife. She told of her conversion story and he talked about parenting.
I want expecting those topics, but it was good anyway. He also read a
part of his sons letter who is serving in the Arizona, Tucson mission.
Elder Holland surprise visited and told the missionaries that we
agreed to live our lives like that of an apostle. Wow. That's an eye
opener. I never thought of it that way. But I understand that we
really do need the spirit to guide us in very aspect of this work
because nothing can happen without it. So we have to live in a way
where it can always be with us. That is one of my main goal on my
mission. To be one with God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost. I want
to become super sensitive to its promptings and be a channel through
which it can touch other people. And be able to carry that out through
the rest of my life.

Sister Lauren Ney
Montana Billings Mission

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