Saturday, March 12, 2016

Week 29

Hello, all!

Another week in paradise. Haha. We did a lot of tracting and finding. Lots of it. And lots of people that we do find that say we can come back never answer the door again. So it's hard because no one is solid and makes set return appointments. But we keep on keeping on.
We even tracted in the rain. It never rains here so that was interesting. It caught us suddenly yesterday and hit hard.  It mixes life up a bit I guess. Haha.
We also street contacted in downtown Dillon with family history! We printed out our fan charts and wrote our info on family history cards and talked to people about it. They are way more receptive when you discuss their family history because of the Spirit of Elijah! It's way cool to see someone's heart soften before your eyes when discussing genealogy. It was also 61 degrees (the warmest it's been in a loooooong time) that day so it was way easier to be out and about!
We helped a new widow clean her house to move out and we also went to Butte for interviews with President. I realized how long drives are now that I am the driver. It's no fun and you get bored and tired way easier. So music is a must.
I also have decided a couple things this week:
1. My favorite smell is campfire. I have so many good memories associated with campfires and I smell it all the time here and it makes me happy. :)
2. I love hearing the sound of the train in the distance. It reminds me of family summer vacations in small towns in Idaho.
3. There's always a reason to love someone.
4. Share the gospel because you want to. Not because you have to. Share it from the heart.
Here's something pretty cool: We were teaching a Ysa who is planning on coming back to church and he said he had a dream about us. He said he dreamt that we, and his fellowshipper, were lighting oil lamps along the streets (representing people), using matches to start the flames or making the flames bigger, then the last one had his name engraved on it and we started the light in his lamp too. How cool is that?! In a way, that's completely true! As missionaries, we can give others the light that is Christ and the truth, whether it be for investigators or members/ people who are struggling with their current testimonies.
Have an awesome week, everyone!

Sister Ney

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