Monday, March 14, 2016

Week 30

Hello, all! 

This week was alright. Both Sister Shupe and I got sick to our stomachs on different days so that made work a bit slow on those days. We had to stay in and we don't have wifi or any dvd players on our apartment, so the healthy companion had to find stuff to do to keep busy.
One of the mornings this week, it snowed! It covered the ground and I was SO sad but then it melted by the end of the day and we weren't wearing jackets anymore. Montana weather is weird. But I'm pretty used to the cold. I can bear the 30s in short sleeves now. The members think I'm crazy. Sister Shupe is still cold though. Haha.
Work has been a little slow because the YSAs were on spring break but school is starting back today which is nice. Woo! The only time in my life where I am actually glad spring break is over! 
We had dinner with an investigator family- which was my first dinner with nonmembers. We just met the mom when tracting and she invited us over for dinner the next week, which was awesome. She said she wanted us to meet her husband and kids. So we had dinner with them and she was going through a big trial in her life the week before, so we told her about how the Book of Mormon gives us comfort and we ended up giving her the family proclamation to read too. So we are planning on meeting with them again in a few weeks when she gets back into town.
We also went out to Polaris to teach our recent convert and her family. She is doing well and she has a calling in the branch. 
There's not much else that's too exciting to write about. It's been a pretty normal week. We did have dinner with a family last night and they made "magic cake" where they put chocolate cake mix on the bottom and pumpkin filling on the top and then when it bakes, the pumpkin ends up on the bottom and the chocolate is on the top. And they also gave us a huge box of Frito Lay products because the dad works for the company and it included chocolate covered potato chips (which were actually pretty good). We chose a few things that we wanted and gave the rest of it to the elders. Hahaha.
We also tried to help another recent convert with his family history. But we didn't end up getting much done because he didn't have wifi and he didn't have his lds account set up... So yah. And we are not pros. So we are having some members give us a crash course in family history this next week.
Oh! Here's a funny story: So we are always on this one road a lot where the end of it leads to a field full of llamas. So we often drive by it and they are always stooped down eating grass and will never look up for a picture. So the first thing that came to my head was Napolean Dynamite and I yelled in a deep man voice out the window, "TINA!" And they ALL looked up at once. It was the funniest thing of my life. (Evidence is on the pictures below) 
And we had daylight savings time yesterday and it totally messed up our lives. Us Arizona girls aren't familiar with it. But it's lighter later, which makes the work in the evening way easier! 
We also have been showing the #Hallelujah video. So if you haven't seen it, watch it! It's like the Christmas video but more centered on Easter. :)
Something I learned this week- when you are wanting to correct someone on something or help them learn, think of how you would respond to someone saying that to you before you say it. I've been trying really hard to apply that because when we teach others, it should be taught with love rather than an attitude of judgement. 
Sister Ney

Picture 2&3- before and after I yelled, "TINA" to the llamas
Picture 1- death in a box

District Homies

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