Thursday, August 11, 2016

Week 51

Hello, all!
Transfer news! I'm going to Shelby Montana and Sister Kent is going to
Billings. Ennis is being combined with the Three Forks area. I'm
actually going north this time! I was planning on just staying in
Southwestern Montana so it would make coming to visit a lot easier. :P
 Shelby is closer to Canada and that's all I know. I'm going to be
with Sister Thomas. I don't have much time to write because we are
with both packing and cleaning the apartment.
This week has been long. Our car was in the shop for 3 days (it was
only supposed to be for one day but they didn't get it finished and
it's still not finished so we just took it back). So we were on foot
and bike a lot.
We had to say goodbye to a lot of people and it was hard. I think the
longer I've been out, the faster I can come to know and love people.
A highlight of the week: our 12 year old investigator bore her
testimony at church!!! I was so proud. :') I just hope the Three Forks
elders keep her strong.
Another highlight: we met a member couple downtown from Helena who
were on a road trip on a Harley and they took us to lunch! That was

I also came across this:
"Life is beautiful when you make the effort to find beauty in it. In
some of the most materially deprived parts of the world, I have seen
the sunrise in all of its splendor and heard birds joyously welcoming
a new day. I have seen beauty reflected in a small pot of flowers by a
humble shelter or in the shy, beaming grin of a child at play, intent
on discovering the world around him."
       You can become depressed if all of your interests are focused
on the media with its explicit details of the most worrisome world
events. With care you can find much to reverently appreciate in this
world Father in Heaven has given you. Begin by remembering that you
are a son or daughter of God with divine potential. He will help you
have a joyful, fulfilling life."
-Richard G. Scott
We really do need to look for the positives in our lives so we can
always be grateful and happy. :)

Sister Lauren Ney
Montana Billings Mission

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