Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Week 52

Hello all!

Holy cow. I'm gonna hit my YEAR MARK on the 19th! How did this happen?!?!?
We had transfers this week and I'm in Shelby Montana! I'm in the Great
Falls zone. We cover 2 branches- one here and one in Chester. We go up
to the "hi-line" (Canadian border). We are actually in the Cardston
Canada temple district. It's so weird not being in southwestern
Montana. It's SO unbelievably flat here. Imagine a little kids picture
with a straight line dividing the sky and ground. THATS what it looks
like. This place is why it's called "Big Sky Country". No joke. I like
gawk at the flatness. But Shelby itself has a big hill and we are in
bikes and walking 99% of the time because we have a huge area and few
miles- so it's gonna be a little difficult to get used to the hills in
And Great Falls looks like the apocalypse (which is how another
missionary described it) and it's totally true. You have buildings
peeking over some green (like overgrowth). Hahaha. So I thought that
was funny.
The population here is around 800-1000 (so I've been told) and the
other towns we cover are even smaller.
My new companion is Sister Thomas and she's awesome. She's just out of
training, which is fun.
We went to Chester for church and it's so cute. It's the same building
design as in Ennis, so that gave me flashbacks. Haha.
 They have theirchurch services reversed. They have Relief Society first, then Sunday
School, then sacrament. So that's interesting. There were about 18
people at church so it's a teeny branch.
We have some pretty cool people we are working with here in Shelby. We
have a cute little 9 year old recent convert who we are teaching and
now his grandparents are investigating.
We are trying to reactivate another recent convert. She's hilarious
and she's super smart. So I think it won't be too much longer until we
get her going again.
There's a 17 year old kid on date. I haven't met him yet but he's
going to be baptized on the 27th so I'm excited for that!
We met a few people in Chester and Shelby that we met street
contacting and they are potential investigators now so that's awesome.
We haven't gotten too much done this week because of our traveling and
meetings but it will pick up! I'm liking it so far and Sister Thomas
is great.
And if you want my new address, ask my parents!
Have a great week!

Sister Lauren Ney
Montana Billings Mission

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