Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Week 53

There's a lot to write about so I'm gonna try to simplify it.
I hit my year mark this past week! It's kindof weird...
It's really smokey today too because of a fire in Spokane Washington.
We were supposed to go to Glacier national park but we are gonna have
to wait because of the smoke.
We had a "couple few" (Montana term) meetings this week.
On Monday, we had a stake presidency dinner in Great Falls after zone
preparation day. We discussed the work in our areas with the
presidency and got to know them a bit because they're new.
We had zone training on Friday. Since there's 2 zones in Great Falls,
we all meet together for the opening exercises and then split. A
general authority (member of the 70) , Elder Evanson, came and taught
Then we had zone conference in Helena the next day and Elder D. Todd
Christofferson came! Elder Soares of the presidency of the 70 and
Elder Evanson were there.
He is such a jokester. I wouldn't have guessed! And he had a Q&A. So
one elder asked why sisters' missions are 18 months and elders' are 2
years. He said "I don't know." And then he turned to one side where
the other general authorities were sitting on the stand and asked "Do
you know?"  Them: "No." Then he turned to the other side to our
mission president and his wife. "Do you know?" Them: "No." Hahah. He
basically said the prophets received revelation that that was how it
is supposed to be and that's it. Haha.
Then on Sunday, Elder Christofferson and Elder Evanson had a special
stake conference in Great Falls stake! Of all stakes in Montana, he
chose this one! They asked the missionaries in our zone to sit on the
stand with him. Afterwards, he had all of the kids shake hands with
Between the last 2 days, I was able to shake Elder Christofferson's
hand twice (and he touched my shoulder. No big deal. :P)
I would say that the biggest thing I took out of this weekend was that
we are to be witnesses of the name of Christ. Not just missionaries,
but any baptized member. It's a BLESSING and a PRIVILEGE. We need to
read the Book of Mormon which is the most powerful written testament
of Christ, cry repentance by sharing the message of the Atonement, and
bring people the kingdom of God. Sometimes we get overwhelmed and see
all of the people that need help (or in the case of missionary work-
people that need to be taught as well) and don't start. We need to
find the first person and just start there. Do what you can and the
Lord will bless your efforts.
So the outlying sets of missionaries ended up spending the night in
Great Falls for 2 nights this weekend. We were able to teach with the
2 sets of sisters in Great Falls and at one point, we couldn't go with
either sets and one set just had us go finding for them- so that was
interesting. We were just let loose in their area. Haha. We contacted
some people and had some lessons and one was so cool! We met a lady
who is not a member but her husband is. He's less active. But she says
she goes to our church with her daughter quite often. So we were able
to share the Restoration with her and were able to report about her to
the sisters. She has such great potential. She loves the fact that
everyone speaks and teaches at church. Not just one pastor. Her and
the other people we taught said they would come to stake conference
We went to Sunburst (I keep accidentally call "Starburst") up closer
to the hi-line and met with our 17 year old investigator and his mom.
He's on date for baptism but thers a few hold ups, so we are praying
it works out because he wants to be baptized so bad!
We taught our returning less active/ recent convert a full lesson.
It's usually very distracted when we are there because there's people
always coming and going from her house. So that was a miracle!
We had dinner and shared a short message with our 9 year old recent
convert and his grandparents. It's soooo neat to see their hearts
soften to the gospel right before our eyes. I think it will take them
some time before they are baptized but I think they know it's gonna
happen someday.
We met with another less active and she referred us to her son and we
went to contact him right after the lesson. He was on the porch of his
brother's house when we met him but he was really receptive and we set
up another lesson. We went back and told her what happened. When we
told her that he was receptive, her eyes went so wide I thought they
were gonna pop out of her head. She wasn't expecting that. Maybe he's
ready?! Haha.  We had our lesson and he just soaked in the Restoration
and when we invited him to be baptized, he was like "Yeah! I will
definitely be rebaptized!" (He was previously baptized in another
church). We were so happy after that lesson. And he asked US if we
have a church here in town. I told him I am speaking this Sunday in
sacrament and he says he's for sure going to come. :D We are so
Well, it was a busy week but these were the highlights! Be strong and
of good courage!

Sister Lauren Ney
Montana Billings Mission

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