Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Week 54

Hey, everyone!

We are going to Glacier national park today so I can't write much but
here are some big things that happened:
We had interviews with President Wadsworth in Great Falls this week
and I got really sick the night before and prayed and prayed I would
feel well enough to go and make it through the car ride the next day
and I did! It was a miracle in and of itself.
We had apartment and car inspections and we passed. I love the senior
couple that serve around here. They're so cute!
I gave a role play in district meeting about asking everyone for
referrals. I thought it went pretty well! I definitely have a
testimony of asking for referrals and as we put that principle into
better practice this week, we got atleast one referral a day! It's
We had some really solid member present lessons. It's amazing how
members at lessons can change how the whole lesson goes. The person
being taught is so much more reverent, there's a stronger spirit
there, etc. So go out with the missionaries!
We did splits on Sunday. I spoke in sacrament in Shelby and Sister
Thomas went to Chester for branch conference. It's funny how people
are so confused when only one missionary is at church. We always have
to answer a billion questions. :P
We "spirit tracted" (shout out to Sister Rylie Grover for the idea)
some this week and got several new investigators because of it.
And we did some service at the library cutting strips of paper with
questions on them for memory jars that they're selling. A lady put in
an order for 15. It's taking multiple days of us going back and
cutting for hours to finish them. But we prayed for regular service
opportunities (which is slim here it seems like) so we can't complain!
Sorry for the brief email, but we are going to Glacier national park
today with some members.
Love you all!

Sister Lauren Ney
Montana Billings Mission

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